About us

Welcome to the home page of OÜ ACRÜLAM!  

Our mission is to provide our respectable customers with the best coating materials from internationally renowned brands. The company’s main activities include the wholesale of engineered stone, laminated materials and high gloss wall and background tiles. Our dedication to our mission is reflected in the selection of represented brands which include: Staron® by LOTTE Advanced Materials, Hanex®, Corian®, LG Hi-MACs® solid materials.

We can provide for you also Resopal® and Polyrey® High Pressure Laminates, laboratory compacts DURCON® from the Wilsonart Group and Innovus® laminates, melamine and compacts from Sonae Industry Group. In addition to the abovementioned products, the company would like to focus on and provide other new coating materials for furniture or construction companies. The accomplishment of our mission allows designers, manufacturers and construction companies to take into use new materials and widen their product ranges. You will always find our products from well-stocked resellers.